While working in Bali we will stay at the Mawar Homestay.  The Mawar Family is managed by Pak Ketut and Ibu Wayan. Pak roughly translates to “father” and Ibu to “mother.” Both are terms of endearment.  We have stayed with the Mawar Family for over 18 years and consider them our Balinese family. On special occasions the entire family visits the homestay, which acts a place for us to stay but to the family, its simply home.  The Mawar Homestay is a traditional Balinese house complex that include a family temple and open courtyard to meet.  The homestay includes a kitchen and restaurant where we will have our breakfasts and dinners.  Given that there is a kitchen on the premises, students will have the opportunity to learn how to cook traditional Indonesian and Balinese meals. The homestay is adorned with beautiful fragrant flowers and numerous statues to venerate the gods and spirits that abound the complex.  Throughout the day you will smell a variety of aromas from the burning of incense and homemade offerings to gods scatter the steps, floors, and grounds of the homestay.  Each room has a hot water shower and the homestay is equipped with Wi-Fi to ensure that you can stay connected to your family and friends back home.  

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